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Moving a "Nest" to a New Nest

n December 2015, I wrote a blog post in the “Home Automation” category of my website about my (then) recent acquisition of three different wifi-aware home automation products created by a start-up company called “Nest”, which was later acquired by Google.  The products continue to be branded as “Nest” products.  If you wish to get a bit of background for this current blog post, you may want to take a quick look at my 2015 “Nest” post…

A "Nest" for the Nest

Home automation is still in its infancy compared with many of the other "digital disciplines" represented on this website.  For this reason, combined with the fact that Apple has yet to make its foray with full force into this arena, you may see less frequent posting of content on this "Home Automation" blog than you might see elsewhere on this site, at least for now.