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My Digital Library Card

On one of our periodic trips to Halifax (which is about two hours away), we made a visit to Halifax Central Library, a new library building that opened in 2014 on the site of a former parking lot and is the flagship library for the Halifax Public Libraries system that serves the entire province.  The new library is a beautifully designed building (resulting from an international architectural design competition) and reminds me more of an Apple Store than a traditional library that had row and row of “stacks”…

Is a Digital Book Still a Book?

Ever since Gutenberg and his printing press, books have meant different things to different people.  For some, books are vehicles that transport the reader to some foreign land or time of fantasy or adventure that one could never dream of experiencing in real life.  For others, books are a way to partake of the boundless knowledge that awaits us if we simply give books the time they deserve to inform us in depth on topics of our choosing.