Urgent Update to My AppleTV Post of December 15

Moments ago, I read a post from iPhone Life Magazine via my Flipboard app (a topic for another day) that RadioShack has a great sale going on through Christmas Eve on the 32GB AppleTV 4 (normally $149). If you haven't already acted on my December 15 recommendation to buy the new AppleTV as a holiday gift for yourself or a friend or loved one, call your local RadioShack (or use the link below) to see if they still have them in stock (they are already sold out online). This move will save you a cool $50 (a 33% reduction in the price).

Here's a further update as of Tuesday, 12/22 at 8:30 pm.  It turns out that sometime today RadioShack replaced the above advertised deal (that was supposed to last through 12/24) with a new deal that's not quite as generous but still worthwhile.  Apparently, the deal was a little too good to be true for long.  Now you can get the AppleTV 4 for $99.99 WHEN you also buy a $19.99 HDMI cable along with it. If you already have an HDMI cable, think of it as getting $30 off the regular price of an AppleTV with a free HDMI cable thrown in.  Here's a link to latest RadioShack deal.