Many of the technology tips, insights and knowledge shared on this website are derived from a wide variety of print, audio and video sources, including the following listed below:

some of my favorite REsources


MacOSKen - a daily Apple news podcast (15-20 minutes) hosted by Ken Ray of Buffalo, NY - I typically start my day with this informative, entertaining and creatively delivered Apple news digest.

MacBreak Weekly - a weekly 1-2 hour "coffee klatch" of noted tech pundits talking about everything Apple in an always enjoyable way.  Host by Leo Laporte of the TWIT (This Week in Tech) network.  The banter between and among his long-time regular guests Andy Ihnatko (Chicago Sun-Times), René Ritchie ( and Alex Lindsey (continent-hopping film/video entrepreneur) and several other rotating guests make for a very engaging diversion into the Apple ecosphere. 

EyeChart Radio - One of Ken Ray's other ventures, this has developed from from original digital EyeChart Magazine into an engaging weekly chat with Mike LaPlante in Windsor, Ontario, providing the Canadian perspective.


iMore - a terrific resource of news and how-to's about the gamut of Apple offerings, managed by René Ritchie of Montreal, Quebec.  René has a great team of writers and among my favorites is Serenity Caldwell, who partners with René on their podcast known as the iMore Show.

Wall Street Journal Personal Technology - Geoffrey Fowler and Joanna Stern rotate at guest reviewers of personal technology.  For years, this column was the home of Walt Mossberg, whose reviews I awaited with anticipation each Wednesday.  Walt can now be found at re/code.

ScreenCastsOnline - This Apple-focused subscription-based video tutorial website (with a companion video magazine app on the iPad) has quite a bit of free video content, but the annual subscription is worth every penny for those who like to get their information in a highly visual way from people who know of what they speak.  Creator Don McAllister from Great Britain has a great collection of training videos on pretty much any Mac and iOS topic you might be looking for.

TakeControl Books - This site is THE go-to place for a compendium of well-written ebooks on Apple-related topics.  Husband and wife team Adam and Tonya Engst are the publishers of TakeControl Books and Adam founded TidBITS, a website and weekly curated email newsletter of "Apple news for the rest of us" that celebrated its 25th year in 2015. 


MacLife - This iOS app for iPhone and iPad is a slickly designed, informative Apple magazine that I subscribe to and enjoy reading.  It used to be that these monthly magazines (in paper form) were my only way of getting Mac news (we're talking pre-internet).  Back then, this magazine was known as MacAddict.  It's name reflects the fact its origins pre-date the advent of the mobile sphere, when Macs were the only thing Apple made.

MacWorld - This is a venerable Mac magazine that goes back to 1984 when the first 128K Macintosh was released.  I still have a copy of the first issue featuring Steve Jobs proudly cradling the new Mac.  I no longer subscribe to Macworld and I only consult the MacWorld website on occasion but it's still a reliable resource for Mac and now iOS information and reviews.

Flipboard - This is a customize-your-own magazine that is available on the web and mobile devices and has over 34,000 different topics of interest to choose from.  I use it to gather in one place all technology related news articles from a wide range of sources.  If you are not yet using Flipboard, I strongly encourage you to take a look.  Whatever your area of interest, you may find as I do that Flipboard will turn out to be one of your most used apps.