Since 1950, I have been roaming the earth in search of my life's purpose. Through a process of elimination, I have determined the ways in which I most enjoy spending the time I have been given.  One of those ways is feeding my endless fascination with personal technology.  My goal in creating this website is to share with you a few things I've learned along the way, in the hope that you can benefit from some of my own discoveries without having to reinvent the wheel.

WHAT I intend the website to be - and not to be

What the website is intended to be...

- an inside view of my own personal adaptation of technology to enhance my work life and leisure time.

- an organized compendium of digital discoveries that will allow the reader to focus on his or her area of particular interest -iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Music, or home theater, for example. These sections have yet to be developed.

- a site with a declared bias for the Apple ecosystem, so you won't see much about Android, Samsung, etc., although I do venture out into Roku, Sony audio/video, and streaming services such as Vudu, Acorn TV, etc.

- a place where enthusiastic users of such technology (novices and power users alike) can go for demystified explanations of the ways in which I have employed digital devices, apps and services to serve my needs. I need to emphasize that this site will have a very personal focus - what works for me may not make sense for you, and that's fine.

What it is NOT intended to be...

- a daily tech news source. There are plenty of excellent resources for this type of info which I will link to in the Resources section of this site as I develop the site more fully.

- a technology rant soapbox for grinding one ax or another. Time here will be focused on communicating what works, without diatribe about what Apple or others "have not done right". There's plenty of that to be found elsewhere.

In summary, this site will likely evolve partly as a continuing stream of consciousness and partly as a body of (hopefully) well-organized thoughts. We'll see how it goes and I'll look forward to your constructive feedback.

What experience i bring to the party

  • a former trumpet player
  • a former Naval Supply Corps officer
  • a CFO in the performing arts for 30+ years, including oversight of enterprise IT
  • my first personal computer was an Apple II+ in 1981
  • my first Mac was the 128K in 1984
  • my first iPhone was the Gen. 1 iPhone in 2007
  • my first iPad was the Gen. 1 iPad in 2010 
  • my first Apple TV was the Gen. 1 in 2007  
  • my first HDTV was a tube-type Sony in 1999
  • an "early adopter" of all things technology-based: computers, mobile devices, wearables, home theater, home automation, GPS devices, digital audio, video, photos and books...
  • a passion for life-long learning
  • a "teaching gene" that comes from being raised by parents who spent their lives in education

I apologize in advance for the length of my remarks. Had I more time to prepare, they would have been shorter.
— Admiral Hyman Rickover, father of the Nuclear Navy