The "iOS-ification" of my Life

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 9 years since I started using my first iPhone and already over 5 years since the iPad entered the scene, altering forever how I conduct both my work and leisure lives.  Well before the advent of the iOS platform, I had been an active PDA (personal digital assistant) user, with various versions of pre-Apple handheld devices and cell phones to store and retrieve digital data.  I had used Palm, Blackberry, and various styles of flip-phones, but none were what I would call transformative.

Until Apple showed us how we could not only "go mobile" with the ease of use of the Mac desktop but also that we could fully integrate our data among our various devices (phone, tablet, desktop and web), it was a messy minefield out there for the intrepid explorer of the new mobile frontier.

With each iteration of the iPhone, iPad, iMac and AppleTV, the Apple ecosystem has grown more integrated and seamless.  You'll be hearing a lot from me about the ways in which this works for me in future blogs.  In the meantime, welcome to the "iPhone + iPad" section of this website.