This Just In...1Password Now on Sale

One of my favorite (and most used) apps for both desktop and mobiles devices is 1Password by AgileBits.  As a registered user, I received an email today announcing that 1Password is currently on sales for 35% off.  An excerpt from the AgileBits email appears below:


Sharing over the holiday season is one of my favourite things – so much so that I am bringing back our holiday bonanza sale! 12 days of Christmas + 8 nights of Hanukkah + 7 days of Kwanzaa + 8 tiny reindeer for good luck = 35% off all platforms!

Save 35% on 1Password

Much like the holidays, the sale will be over before you know it, so indulge in a bit of last minute gifting before you enjoy a big meal. :)

1Password is among the most popular "password vault" apps that allow you to store in one place for easy retrieval all the sensitive bits of information that are always being demanded of you as you browse the web or use apps - usernames and passwords, credit card info, identities (name, address, email address, etc.), drivers' license, passport, software serial numbers, membership numbers, etc.  1Password is one of those apps I use all day, every day and it is accessible from all my devices - mobile, desktop (Mac and PC) as well as from any browser - even my AppleWatch.

It is TouchID-enabled on the iPhone and iPad, so my fingerprint easily substitutes for the 33-character super-strong master password I use to access my 1Password vault.  This master password has never has been written down anywhere and never will be.  After all, 1Password provides "the keys to the kingdom" so it needs to very secure.  

There's a website out there that will tell you how long it would take the "bad guys" using brute force code-cracking techniques to solve for any password.  Most people would be horrified to learn that the typical passwords they use can be cracked in a few minutes or a few hours.  My 33-character password reportedly will take "centuries" to crack by brute force, given the number of variables at work.

Give yourself some needed piece of mind and get 1Password (I recommend getting both the desktop and mobile versions while they are both on sale).  This will allow you to stay fully in sync when you add or change passwords and usernames on any of your devices.  

I store my vault file in Dropbox so it's easily sync-able from anywhere yet secure because of what I understand to be the hardened security designed into the vault file structure. 1Password will "automagically" enter your username and password for you through handy 1Password extensions available for all platforms. 


The "iOS-ification" of my Life

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 9 years since I started using my first iPhone and already over 5 years since the iPad entered the scene, altering forever how I conduct both my work and leisure lives.  Well before the advent of the iOS platform, I had been an active PDA (personal digital assistant) user, with various versions of pre-Apple handheld devices and cell phones to store and retrieve digital data.  I had used Palm, Blackberry, and various styles of flip-phones, but none were what I would call transformative.

Until Apple showed us how we could not only "go mobile" with the ease of use of the Mac desktop but also that we could fully integrate our data among our various devices (phone, tablet, desktop and web), it was a messy minefield out there for the intrepid explorer of the new mobile frontier.

With each iteration of the iPhone, iPad, iMac and AppleTV, the Apple ecosystem has grown more integrated and seamless.  You'll be hearing a lot from me about the ways in which this works for me in future blogs.  In the meantime, welcome to the "iPhone + iPad" section of this website.