Thanks, MacOSKen and Squarespace

A quick thank you to Ken Ray of MacOSKen for featuring my new website in this January 21, 2016 podcast as part of that day's "word from our sponsor", Squarespace, a frequent sponsor of the MacOSKen podcast.  I used Squarespace to create this site and it's proven to be a joy to worth with, both for the creation of the site and the regular posting of new blog entries.  You can hear Ken Ray's podcast on iTunes here.  To hear the specific mention of my website, listen to the January 21, 2016 podcast starting at about 7:00 minutes in.  Of course you should listen to the entire podcast, or for that matter, subscribe to MacOSKen and become a fan like I did.

By the way, join me in wishing Ken a Happy 10th Anniversary for his MacOSKen Podcast today, January 26th!  In fact, Apple thinks so much of his podcast that they decided to hold the quarterly earnings call on his 10th anniversary.  That's quite an accomplishment.

And finally, thank you to Squarespace for making such a great set of tools to help "fashion one's passion".  It's website construction and management for the rest of us!