We have lift-off...

After 10 days or so of site design and initial content preparation, I am now ready to share my new website "A Digital Life Examined" with my family, friends, colleagues and perhaps a broader community who may discover this site over time.  It has been a labor of love thus far and I look forward to adding new content regularly as time permits.  Feel free to pass on the word about its arrival.

This website achieves a long-realized dream of finding a way to share my personal technology discoveries with others by means beyond the one-on-one tech conversations I have had with many of you and the occasional "Brown Bag" lunch sessions on mobile tech I have held at work.  It's not that I don't want to continue the direct contact - I love it and find it essential, but this website should be a way to cover more ground and with more people than previously thought possible, especially those of you not in the Boston area.

The pace of technology change is accelerating at an exponential rate but my goal here is to convey the best of the ideas I come across in a casual, conversational way that hopefully will remove some of the frustration from your own encounters with personal technology.  The content to be posted in the Topics categories (listed below) will be reserved primarily for my own observations of using these technologies in my daily life, as I want to keep this from being just another tech news website.

I must say that, 10 years ago, I could not have even considered launching such a site without being faced with the very daunting task of designing a website (with what then were rather complex web design tools) and then, once designed, having to publish content to the site through the rather cumbersome process of uploading updated pages to a web-server, re-establishing links, etc. etc.  Now, a reasonably-priced subscription to Squarespace.com gives me all the tools that I need to create and populate the site with content "until the cows come home", as they say in my home state of Ohio.  I can do site design changes in real-time from any desktop or iPad and I can compose and publish blog posts on-the-go from my iPhone or iPad. 

So, a quick word about the site structure.  Beyond the Home page and my Mission description page, most of the content will appear primarily under the blogs with the (hopefully) self-explanatory Topics titles of:


iPhone + Pad

Apple Watch

Music + Audio

Digital Books

TV + Home Theater

Home Automation  

I will occasionally post more general comments in the General Blog from which you are currently reading this post.  Also, you can search and find anything on the entire site by going to my Contact + Search page and entering your desired search criteria.  And the best news is that Squarespace.com automatically adjusts the site design and navigation to accommodate whatever device you use to browse the site.

I am excited to begin to receive feedback about the site so far, as I send out an announcement today to a list of my many friends, family and colleagues who on occasion call on me for tech support or advice on Mac and iOS matters.  It will be a pleasure to serve them better in his small way.