Construction Complete. Now, on to the Content...

Since the last post, my thinking has evolved as to the best tools in Squarespace's bag of tricks for displaying the content I wish to convey to my readers.  I originally planned to use the "standard page" layout for the topic sections, but it quickly became clear that the "blog" page structure would be best suited to adding content.  So each of my topic pages is now its own blog which will contain dated entries on subjects that come to mind as time allows.

There were several considerations that influenced this decision:

1.  I realized that to try and construct static pages displaying my content in a linear fashion like chapters in a book would stifle the free flow of getting my ideas out as quickly as possible.

2.  The strong search and tagging features built into Squarespace should make it possible for readers to find topics of interest, even if they have been entered in a somewhat random way from a structural standpoint.

3.  I can create, edit and publish blog post entries directly from my iPhone or iPad, which will free me from being at a computer in order to update content.  Squarespace has undoubtedly thought this through and planned for this need (or desire).

I also decided to make the website as visually appealing as possible by investing in a few selected stock photos from  All other photos will generally be of my own creation.  I hope you find the design and appearance visually appealing.  Of course, the content needs to be interesting and clearly conveyed, or else it's all just a beautiful dive into an empty pool.

I am in the process of posting at least one blog entry for each of my topic areas, at which point I will formally announce my website to my friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintenances and anyone else out there who might enjoy "examining my digital life".